Incoming visit!

Anyone who is familiar with the woes of a long distance relationship will understand this… but I didn’t think Arty and I would have the opportunity to see each other til August because of some gigs he’s got coming up (Summer is busy for a DJ!). This weekend won’t work, that weekend doesn’t either… Bah. Luckily we were able to spend a week together earlier this month–the first visit since we got engaged–and it was wonderful.

It was really hard getting on that plane “knowing” I wouldn’t see him for nearly three months. The dread leading up to the day, the nonstop tears the day of, and coming home to an empty bed in the dead of night… Bah, just thinking about it makes me sad, even though I’ve already settled back into my routine here at home.

Well, luckily all that dread was for naught because we have a pretty good chance of a visit in June! Yaaay! Hopefully it’ll be warm enough to get all prettied up in a pretty dress! 😀

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