The distance between us

Another fun, love, and happy-filled weekend down, and hopefully only one or two more times to go before I move there permanently. Words can’t describe the excitement and happiness I feel when I think of that reality.

That being said… Can I just say that I’m so sick of this shit? Pardon the language. Getting up at 3AM to get Arty to the airport before 4AM ($40+ taxi ride every time because I don’t drive. Convenient public transportation is a double edged sword… sigh), then waiting til 5AM for the trains to start running so that I can start my insanely lonely 1.5 hour long ride home. It feels like a march for the broken hearted.

Time speeds up when we’re together and our days go by in the blink of an eye; then annoyingly slows to a crawl the moment we’re apart. And I don’t get to see him again until August… but at least we already have plans to do so. We just have to buy the tickets when it gets a bit closer to the date.

I can’t even put any more thoughts into this post. The first few days are the god damn worst.

I’ve got the beginnings of a poem in my mind. I’ll see if I can make something worthy of sharing.

2 thoughts on “The distance between us

  1. I too have been in a long distance relationship. He lives in Quebec and I live in New Brunswick. That is coming to a close June 16th as I am moving there !! So exciting ! Good luck on your journey 🙂


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