Half-Year Resolutions

I’ve been meaning to do a half-year check in with my new years resolutions… so here it is!

To recap, here are my resolutions from the beginning of the year:

– pay off debts
– get in shape

As far as debts go, I could be doing better but I’m pleased with where I am. My credit card was maxed out for nearly a year, and payments to my student loan and student line of credit were also at a standstill for about that long.

My credit card is completely paid off (yay!) and I’ve been keeping it topped up every month if and when I use it, which is rare now. That’s something I’ve never been able to do before so I’d call that a success! I’ve been making steady payments to my student debts, but the amounts are much bigger and feel so much more daunting to tackle. I’m doing my best though, and it makes me feel like such a responsible adult! 😀

Getting in shape has been a super fun and amazing journey this time around. I’m down 20lbs and I feel amazing; I’m in the best shape of my life. I have 10lbs more to go, maybe. I dream of being at 125lbs and below, but sometimes I wonder if that’s possible for my build, and especially since I’m wanting to pack on dat muscle. However, I have started a slow-ish cut and will be aiming for that regardless.

I went about it so poorly before. Restricting how much I eat to insanely low amounts due to a lack of knowledge of what my body actually needs. I binged more than once a week, and never saw the scale move down. I was always hungry, always thinking about eating, and always grumpy. I am the reason “hangry” became a thing.

It was beyond frustrating. It was beyond disheartening. I think of my two-year-long yoga “career” eating less than 1200 calories per day, and remember just being so exhausted during each class. Afterwards I felt great, but I couldn’t progress past a certain point strength wise. Again, beyond frustrating and disheartening. I can only imagine how much better I could have done with proper nutrition.

I could go on for days about what my current fitness/health/wellness routine is, so I think I will another day! But in regards to my new years resolutions, I think I did really well! I give myself a B+! 😀

Here are my half-year resolutions:

– get that damn 125!!!
– pay off my line of credit before year’s end
– get back into a regular yoga routine

I’ll check in by year’s end, but these are the personal goals I’ll be working on.

How did you do on your new years resolutions
Do you have any goals you want to achieve, revisit, or revise? Whatever it is, you can do it!

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