Summertime Blues

Summer has officially begun, as of the 20th. While I can appreciate that people appreciate the warm sun, the busyness of the people running around everywhere, the high, positive energy that buzzes around this time of year… I was born running a few degrees hotter than most, which means I can overheat in a tank top and zip up hoodie in the Winter. So Summer is a time of great discomfort and “oh my god I need A/C STAT!”. Late Fall and Winter are the only seasons that I feel truly comfortable in my body, temperature wise. It also means that I sweat a lot, and thus tend to smell a little unpleasant.

Deodorants don’t work. Antiperspirants don’t work. Both just make it worse, blending their scent into the scent of my sweaty pits. Yuck. Even if, by the grace of God I don’t sweat too much, by the middle of my day, I must reapply deodorant because I’m starting to smell regardless! My pits are cursed!

Only one thing works for me and I swear by it. I can go the entire day without a reapplication and I always, always pass the sniff test. Always. Even during and after the gym, I pass the sniff test. And what is this magical thing?

Coconut oil for alternative therapyCoconut oil of course!

Well, I guess technically it’s not just one thing. I also use essential oils and a bit of cornstarch. I don’t like using baking soda because I don’t feel like it made a difference, and it felt scratchy when applying. Here’s my little recipe:

  • 1-2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 0.5-1 tsp. cornstarch
  • 20 drops lavender
  • 10-15 drops peppermint
  • 5-8 drops vetiver

Just mix it all together and keep it in a little container. On hotter days, it should be kept in the fridge; just make sure you label it so an unsuspecting housemate doesn’t try to eat it! I use about a pea sized amount per pit, and it works wonderfully.

Can you tell I love lavender? 🙂

I use so much for two reasons: I LOVE lavender, and it offsets the more masculine, musky scent of the vetiver. I firmly believe that vetiver is the key essential oil here. I made one before without it and I started to smell by the end of the day. I mean, it’s still an upgrade from what I had with conventional deodorants, but still… maybe if your issue isn’t as bad as mine, you won’t need the vetiver, but know that that is an option for you regardless. All of the oils I chose are antiseptic or anti-bacterial. Combined with coconut oil, the little stink monsters in my armpits have no chance!

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