Bad Hair Day pt. 2

It’s been nearly two weeks since my haircut and… well, I actually really like it now. It’s been a bit of a wild ride, especially internally. It’s embarrassing to admit that this whole thing shook me to my core.

It’s interesting to see what events force us to grow as a person.

I’ve learned that my hair is a big part of my identity.

I’ve learned that I place a lot of my self worth on my looks (which isn’t smart considering I’m not much of a looker), and what people think of these looks of mine.

I’ve learned I have a lot of issues surrounding my physical appearance.

I was a tomboy growing up (3 brothers and my dad being home more often than my mom does that, I think!) and never got into doing my hair, or wearing makeup. I mean, sometimes I’d play with my mom’s makeup but I never left the house with it on. I think if my 15 year old self saw me right now, she’d be like “…ew what are you doing to us?!” It’s weird. I never liked how I looked (still usually don’t, but that’s a work in progress), but putting effort into trying to look better felt really wrong to me.

Self love, to me, meant loving yourself no matter what, so products and stuff don’t fit in with loving yourself. After all, aren’t you hiding your true self behind foundation, mascara, and making your hair look different than it’s  supposed to naturally?

I’ve learned that I am very wrong to think that way.

SO here I am, age 26 and just learning to use hair products–specifically mousse and hairspray–and it’s actually been kinda fun! I don’t really enjoy hairspray because it makes my hair feel crusty but I love what mousse does to my hair. I’ve combined their powers to get this:


I’m actually really happy with this look! I’ve recently been wanting to get all fancy with my hair (like cool updos, or curling) and I think this whole ordeal was the catalyst to really get that going. I’m excited to see what I can do with my hair from now on. 🙂

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