An Echo Long Gone

via Daily Prompt: Echo

As the end of year draws closer, so do the thoughts of how my life has been year after year after year after year. Will I struggle this year like I did last year, or the year before that? Will I coast through the days like I did years before, or years before that?

Nope, fuck that! I’ve worked my ass off to get out of the mindset that tells me incessantly “you’re going to fail”, “you’ve already failed”, “you’re such a failure”.

2015 was the last year of the mindset of failure for me. It was one of the worst/best years of my life, and I’m confident it’ll hold the record for years to come. As cliche as it is, you can’t take the good without the bad, and I believe I was blessed with the best that year. The blessings of that year echoed into this year, and this year will echo into the rest of my life.

Now, every “failure” is a lesson, every stumble on the path teaches me to walk a little better, every setback is a moment I can take to meditate.

Sure, the negative of that year liked to sneak its way into my ears from time to time, telling me “this won’t last, it never does”, but thankfully, when you yell something loud enough in a big empty chamber (like my skull), that message echoes til your ears explode.

“Yeah no, screw you life! I’m in charge now and I say it’s going to be amazing because I damn well said so! So.. NYEH!”

And well, whaddya know? My short-fuse and loud voice worked to my advantage, and I can’t wait to see how the positives of this year echo into 2017.

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