On Treasuring It All

via Daily Prompt: Treasure


When we think of treasure, we tend to think of shiny, expensive, monetarily valuable things; good things; pleasant things; happy, wonderful things. Of course wonderful things are wonderful, that’s a no brainer!

In my life, some of the things I treasure most are the days I can never–and don’t ever care to–get back. Days where I felt I could never be happier, where nothing could ever go wrong because everything is so perfect, and perfect means nothing is wrong. Cue the inevitable crash of the high and the aftermath: recovering from the addiction of the idea of everlasting happiness.

Oh, the naivety.

Sometimes I can still feel my heart ache when I think of those days. Okay I lied, it aches every time. Not because I long for it, or because I want to relive those days, but because those were the days that truly shaped who I am today. Not even the good parts, it was the bad, the horrible, the terrible; the recovery from the thousand-foot-fall of wonderfulness that I treasure most.

I know now how to set boundaries. I know now to what lengths I will go for someone. I know now how to recognize red flags from a million miles away. I know now that I can and will always get through the bad days.

Most of all, I know now that the bad days will be days I hold close to my heart… eventually.


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