A Puzzling Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum


What do you do when you know you’re acting in a way that’s right, but can also understand that in some ways, you’re in the wrong? Issues where the best answer is simultaneously both and neither are so damn exhausting.

Do you cut contact with someone who routinely–albeit subconsciously (maybe)–diminished your positive mental state, even if it’s a parent? Do you remain in contact for the sake of “the family”, even if it means swallowing your pride, what bit of dignity you salvaged, and scars, for the sake of… what, exactly?

Do you re-home your beloved and now-sick pet when you know you can’t afford his medical treatments? Or do you sell everything including the clothes on your back to buy him a few more months? Or do you let their sickness take over a little more while you save up for treatments? Or do you euthanize him with the hopes he passes before the true suffering begins?

Do you tell your friend the truth, even if that truth will crush them? Even if that truth will instantly demolish the pillars of their current life? Or do you remain quiet and let them be “happy”? Do you hide a fact from a friend to relieve them of the “responsibility” of knowing something but probably shouldn’t tell, because it could/would crush a mutual-ish friend?

I believe in karma, so what ever decision I settle on will come back to bite me in the ass–I know that all too well now. After all, “no good deed goes unpunished”, right? I’ve definitely been served a punishment for my “selfish selfless act”, but that might be a story for another day.

I’m curious as to what others would do in these cases. Care to comment?



4 thoughts on “A Puzzling Conundrum

  1. Our families have made an inhouse decision, be it any family member. No one I know, including me, would ever like to be stuck on a life support system, demanding from doctors to keep me against odds. There is no consumerism in face of death. I will never be in a nursing home.

    But it is a tough decision and acceptance or declaring a unified decision takes a lot of patience, strength, and time.

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  2. Came across your post via the Daily Prompt and the line “Do you cut contact with someone who routinely–albeit subconsciously (maybe)–diminished your positive mental state” connected to me on a deep level! I have been victim of immense bullying by one of cousins, but I have had enough and have decided to break ties!

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