The Folly of the Internet

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. Growing up a bit of an introvert, I spent a lot of time on my computer playing RO and WoW. I’ve met most of my good, close friends over the internet. I met my husband on the internet on FFXIV.

So believe me when I say that I looove the internet.

But… it’s definitely a double edged sword. Having an unlimited amount of knowledge at our fingertips has somehow, ironically, made us increasingly more ignorant–more foolish. We have so much knowledge that we don’t know anything; we don’t really remember how to think, or how to discern information. What we believe is the truth, and if people parrot those beliefs, we believe they must be right too!

On the (very dangerous) flip side, we are so over confident in our presumably righteous beliefs that we believe that others’ beliefs are wrong, and therefore dangerous. It’s like we’ve forgotten to “agree to disagree”, or even that people are inevitably going to be different from us. Apparently the latter requires a reminder: being different is not a sin, and it is not wrong–at all.

It’s difficult to expand and broaden our horizons when we’re always looking in the same places, for the same things. Flats and sharps work with the melody to make a beautiful harmony. Contrasting and complimentary colours give depth and wonder to paintings. Our differences are what make the world beautiful, and what helps us to grow and mature as human beings.

If only we “knew” a little less, and could “think” and “feel” a little more.

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