Moody. Moody?!

via Daily Prompt: Moody

An Overwatch Christmas (Picture taken from Google)

Overwatch. The only competitive FPS game I’ve ever really enjoyed. Nothing makes me moodier than playing this game, but in a totally fun way.

You lose two (or seven) matches in a row only to make an upsetting (to the other team) comeback in the last thirty seconds.

You win three matches and your ego goes through the roof, and you’re hooping and hollering and giving your husband a high ten and then some!

You randomly and completely unexpectedly get POTG (play of the game) and your ego now encompasses the entire universe.

Then you lose another eight matches in a row because <insert blaming-everyone-else-but-you-even-though-you-only-play-Overwatch-for-a-few-hours-a-month here>. 😆

Yep. Overwatch makes me moody but I love it.

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