Cat’s Crossing

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

My husband and I are currently in the middle of introducing my cat to his cat. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of introducing cats knows the pain and frustration.

My cat, Zorro (the tuxedo with the grumpy face) is a really sweet little guy. Loves attention but is timid and a bit shy; definitely submissive–the most docile and submissive cat I’ve ever known or heard about… until…

Tumbles (the maine coon), my husband’s cat is a huge pussy (pardon the pun 😆 ). Like, huge. I’ve never seen such a huge scaredy cat! She’s sweet too, but she’s scared of everything that moves which–admittedly–is a bit hilarious.

Well, that’s where the problem lies: I think Zorro knows this and is taking advantage of how “powerful” he’s become! He’s no longer the biggest wuss in the house! He’ll sneak around behind her, or just come right up to her and she’ll hiss–sometimes it results in a high speed cat chase, which results in more quarantine time.

It’s… a work in progress.

6 thoughts on “Cat’s Crossing

  1. I’ve had both types of cats, but not at the same time. Both were male. Gypsy, the tuxedo, was a cuddly and more passive. The Maine Coon mix, Pepper, was more aggressive and wouldn’t be held. I featured them both in my book. As a memory to them, even though my book is a vampire suspense. They were special cats. Two great breeds. Good luck!

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