Back to Earth

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

Despite my (over-)confidence of 2017 being the best year ever thinking it’ll be perfect and nothing will go wrong, it’s inevitable that I’d eventually get knocked down. What goes up must come down, yes?

It’s easy to ride on the highs of positive emotion and forget that life is–and always will be–uneven. A smooth ride it is not. No sirree. It’s taken a lot of practice and about twice the amount of failing, but I don’t see stumbling as a negative anymore. Of course it sucks in the moment and it sometimes makes me wanna tear out all of my hair, but it’s much easier to appreciate the bad things (like fights with my husband) because we always walk away from it knowing how to love each other a little bit better.

Gotta take the good with the bad, you know? In fact, it’s the bad that makes the good so damn good. It’s the ugly parts of life that really makes you sit and appreciate the beauty of your life. It’s the cold chill of Winter that makes a scalding hot shower feel sooo good.

It’s only within the unevenness of life that I’m able to make progress in my mindset like this, no matter how slight. Now that I’m back to Earth, I fully expect (and eagerly anticipate) the lessons 2017 will bring.

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