On Inviting (The Good Inside)

via Daily Prompt: Invitation


The universe provides, and always will.

Part of that “agreement” is remembering to invite what you want into your life. It’s one thing to want someone to come over. It’s one thing to want someone to come in for a tea or coffee. It’s a whole other thing to actively invite that person over, and greet them with a “welcome, come on in!” when they’ve made the effort to see you.

Too many times I’ve laid in bed after a long, sleepless night, desperately wanting this or that, but never asking for it.

Too many times I’ve come face to face with something I’ve asked for, but was too afraid to accept or open the door to.

I feel like a lot of us want that “fairy tale” type of event to happen; where a magical twist of fate suddenly changes everything for us without us lifting a finger… I know I wanted that more than anything because it meant someone would realize just how amazing I was, without me having to prove it or make an effort to show it.

Then, it would (somehow) show up and I was so poorly versed in love or even decency that I wouldn’t even open the door. I’d peek through the blinds or the peephole and judge whether I wanted anything to do with this thing or event or person.

It wasn’t until I really, truly realized that I was actively pushing people away while simultaneously pining for someone–anyone–to notice me and really love me, that I was able to spark a change.

It’s a work in progress, but I’m now making the effort to text or call that which I want in my life, and invite them over for a nice, hot cup of coffee. Oh, and to open the door for them too. 🙂

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