Happy February!

Alright! One month has already gone by in 2017. Mine’s been… a learning experience. 🙂

All in all I’m pleased with how the first month went, despite a couple of bumps in the road. Physically I feel motivated, mentally I feel determined to make some much needed changes, and spiritually I feel… okay. I’m itching to go outside and be with nature and breathe fresh air, especially being in the countryside. I’m not used to staying indoors as much as I have been lately, and it’s kinda wearing on my “connected” feeling, if that makes sense.

Back in the city, I’d have to go outside and walk to go to work and such so I was able to commune with nature albeit slightly, but at least I did at all. Even on cold, snowy, rainy days I’d have to brave the weather whereas here, I’ve no pressing matters to tend to so I mostly just stay indoors. It’s kiiinda been nice but I feel cabin fever around the corner. That’s going to change come Spring!

As for now, I’m working hard at sticking to my weightlifting routine and I’m happy to say that results are starting to show! I’m learning not to expect a crazy amount of change in a week, month, or even a few months. It’s easy to see other people’s transformation pictures and not take into consideration the amount of time that passed between the two. You kinda just look at the pics and subconsciously think it must have been some form of instant, you know? Well, I do at least. BUT again, I’m learning to stay consistent, accept and appreciate the little changes my body goes through, and take the mental change that can’t be captured in a photo much more seriously.

Happy February all; may it be even better than January!

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