K1 Visa Update

I’m really bad at keeping up with blog posts. I’m a bit better at doing it on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there too!

So anyway, Arty and I have officially been issued our NOA2, and are awaiting word from the US Embassy in Montreal to notify me of my interview appointment. After that, I have to get the medical exam done, and then we’ll be taking our first official trip together (or at least, we’re planning to!) to Montreal, so I can do the interview. If all goes well, these are the last two big steps til the big move!

Holy shit, how exciting is that?! πŸ˜€

We’re doing pretty damn good time-wise. We didn’t expect to hear back from them at all til November, so to be mostly done by only September? Oooh. I can’t even.

So that’s where I am right now; got a lot of anxious energy and a lot of trying (and failing) to temper my patience.

I’ll try and update some more this week.

The distance between us

Another fun, love, and happy-filled weekend down, and hopefully only one or two more times to go before I move there permanently. Words can’t describe the excitement and happiness I feel when I think of that reality.

That being said… Can I just say that I’m so sick of this shit? Pardon the language. Getting up at 3AM to get Arty to the airport before 4AM ($40+ taxi ride every time because I don’t drive. Convenient public transportation is a double edged sword… sigh), then waiting til 5AM for the trains to start running so that I can start my insanely lonely 1.5 hour long ride home. It feels like a march for the broken hearted.

Time speeds up when we’re together and our days go by in the blink of an eye; then annoyingly slows to a crawl the moment we’re apart.Β And I don’t get to see him again until August… but at least we already have plans to do so. We just have to buy the tickets when it gets a bit closer to the date.

I can’t even put any more thoughts into this post. The first few days are the god damn worst.

I’ve got the beginnings of a poem in my mind. I’ll see if I can make something worthy of sharing.


I-129F. The F stands for…

“Fuuuck that shit!”

It’s going to be so worth it but damn, I hate filling out paperwork like that. Am I the only one who gets so overwhelmed that they end up crying (or at the very least, EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED) by the time all is said and done? Dang. That said, VisaJourney has been an amazing resource and I highly recommend following their guide (we’re doing the K1), and joining their forums for support and general questions.

Anyway, I mailed off my part of the packet to Arty yesterday, and he should get it within the next week… and hopefully we’ll be able to send off the entire thing the same week, if not, then the week after! Then it’ll be a waiting game waiting for an NOA. I am beyond excited. πŸ™‚

I doubt I have any readers yet, but anyone out there have any experience with the K1 visa, or any sort of immigration stuff? I’d love to hear about it. πŸ™‚


Incoming visit!

Anyone who is familiar with the woes of a long distance relationship will understand this… but I didn’t think Arty and I would have the opportunity to see each other til August because of some gigs he’s got coming up (Summer is busy for a DJ!). This weekend won’t work, that weekend doesn’t either… Bah. Luckily we were able to spend a week together earlier this month–the first visit since we got engaged–and it was wonderful.

It was really hard getting on that plane “knowing” I wouldn’t see him for nearly three months. The dread leading up to the day, the nonstop tears the day of, and coming home to an empty bed in the dead of night… Bah, just thinking about it makes me sad, even though I’ve already settled back into my routine here at home.

Well, luckily all that dread was for naught because we have a pretty good chance of a visit in June! Yaaay! Hopefully it’ll be warm enough to get all prettied up in a pretty dress! πŸ˜€