Goodbye, Facebook


Forgive me for the foul language you are about to experience.

In light of all of the politically charged bullshit spamming my Facebook (and reddit, which I’m also quitting), I’ve decided to step away from the masses. Does blogging count as the masses? Oh well.

It feels like very few people choose to be respectful, or to engage with the purpose of having a back and forth, meaningful and possibly educational or enlightening conversation. I admit I’m not completely innocent about not starting things, but I do so with the intent and hope that someone will speak to me as I do with them: respectfully share my opinion, present facts if necessary, and apologize when wrong. Gods, is that so hard?

I do know it’s partially my fault for poking the bear that’s already enraged. Perhaps I’m naive, or perhaps I just enjoy debating. Perhaps I’m just a hopeful idiot thinking people on the internet, who can hide behind anonymity and/or sit far away from consequences, might play nice while talking about an emotionally charged topic.

But then it goes back to “why can’t people just respect one another”? But then it goes back to “why can’t I just bite my tongue”? Much to my dismay, I can’t (and won’t) bite my tongue when I see bullshit like this happening.

The problem isn’t Trump, or Hillary… it’s the assholes. The ones who wreak havoc on the streets during what should be a peaceful protest. The ones who call people names based solely on who they voted for. The ones who bully the children of public figures simply for even daring to be related to a particular person.

Don’t even get me started on that last one. Oh, that last one…

When a grown man responds to an article saying that “we should leave kids (this one out was specifically talking about Barron Trump) of political shittiness and respect them”, with “there aren’t many children I would punch in the face upon meeting. This guy however…” it gets my blood fucking boiling.

I called him out on it, and he did delete the comment to his credit. Then posted an article about how the Obama children were also bullied. So apparently, he found the bullying of the Obama children so abhorrent that he decided to take it out on Trump’s kid? I called him out on that again, asking why he would want to punch a 10 year old child who has done nothing wrong.

Silence for several hours.

And then proceeded to wonder out loud why I had so much animosity for him despite having never met him… and then blocked me. He’s an expert at deflection, apparently, but not in human decency. Good riddance, but holy mother of all that is holy–my blood has been boiling since.

When you preach peace and love, and about how awful Trump and his supporters are because he and they are all hateful bigots and blah blah blah then talk about how you, as a grown man, would punch an innocent 10 year old child in the face? That’s so fucking wrong and so god damn hypocritical that my head might just explode.

Some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the blessing of knowing voted for Trump, and some of the most hateful, despicable people voted for Hillary. The opposite is also very, very true. I don’t give a flying fuck who you voted for; your vote’s recipient doesn’t change who you are, or dictate how you act, or treat your fellow human being. It isn’t the candidate that’s the issue, it’s the extremists on either side.


Anyway, the encounter with this person was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even though he blocked me and I could go on tra-la-laing as I have been, it won’t stop the hate from other people cramping up my news feed. It won’t stop me from poking my nose in business that just stresses me out all day, even if I feel I’m in the right. It never feels like that during since it gets my heart rate going in a bad way. The only way to stop all that is to step away, and that’s what I’ll be doing.

I’ll be focusing on my family (husband, two cats, and one incoming kitten… more on that next time 😉 ), and the beautiful area of the Earth that I’ve been blessed to inhabit, and have yet to explore. I’ll still blog, and I’ll still be on Instagram (since the feed is very easily customizable) but Facebook and reddit need to get the fuck out of my life. 😆

So, goodbye Facebook, goodbye reddit; my two favourite places on the internet. It was fun, but it just ain’t no more.

New Creative Venture: Guitar!

Ah-ha! I’ve finally decided on a creative venture: guitar!

I’ve been involved in music most of my young life. In elementary school we played xylophone, recorder, and guitar–with alto sax in seventh grade. I played tenor sax in high school for three years, as well as sang in choir for about the same amount of time. Then… I don’t know, it just sort of dropped off the more I got into cooking/baking.

Basically, music has always been part of my life so it makes sense for me to dabble back into it as a creative outlet.

Thanks to my generous husband, I have a new guitar I can play with! I’ve also got me my beginner’s booklet and a cramp in my fingers–this is gonna be fun!


via Daily Prompt: Discover

Sometimes, discovering something proves to be more disheartening than one would hope.

Discovering that someone you looked up to, and know that many, many others look up to, insist on being partisan and mongering fear is… well, disheartening.

It’s one thing to feel a certain way, but the way you feel doesn’t change the truth. Mask it? Sure. But it doesn’t change it.

/rant over.

First Snow

Well, the first snow that stuck that is! Here’s hoping there’s more to come 🙂

The best thing about living in a place that’s quite lacking in buildings is that you can SEE. You can see the snow, and you can really see how it (is starting to) blanket the world around it.

Snow means Winter, and Winter means Christmas! I can’t wait for Christmas!!

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Good God I love snow. #snow #ilovesnow

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The Aftermath of a Binge

I’m usually on point with my calorie intake. Sometimes though, I just feel insanely indulgent and insatiable and it’s really, really stressful.

“God I wanna eat this no but I shouldn’t but I reeeeally want to maybe I can have a bite or a small serving but shit what if I can’t hold myself back and need to have a whole serving but I don’t have enough calories left for the day wait but if I only have a little nibble the craving will go away but I know myself and if I have a little I’ll want a lot but maybe I can hold myself back just this once no you know better than that just hold out a little longer but GOD DAMN I REALLY WANT IT!”

Rinse and repeat a billion times per second.

I’ve learned that it’s easier to eat whatever (and how much ever) I want for a day or two, kill the urge by overloading it, and get back on the wagon looking only a tad more plump than I’d like. By the end of it, the stress of an insatiable craving and the endless war in my mind subsides. For now. 🙂

The most important part for me (and something I’m pretty proud of) is that I’ve learned to understand what my body is saying to me, and I’ve learned to actually listen.

I can’t say I’d recommend this to anyone else, but this is what works for me. Though I guess many people have cheat days. Anyway, it helps keep me sane and when I wake up plump, bloated and swollen, it resolidifies my goal. It makes me wanna work that much harder so that I don’t have to feel as plump as I do today, everyday.

Well… it’s a start!

Hello, I’d love for you to get to know me a little by visiting the About page. 🙂

I want to get something up here and what better time to do it than during an excruciatingly slow day at work? I’ve dabbled in journaling on my own in private, but this will be the first time in, say, 13 years or so that I’ve kept an online journal/blog.

And yes, I was quite young. 😛

Any gamers out there? Specifically MMO gamers. My first MMO experience was with Ragnarok Online way back in beta 2, and I loved it so much. So very much. If you know it, maybe you also remember a particular site called RO Diary that popped up. That was the first and last time I kept up with a blog. Good times.

Speaking of RO, if you haven’t heard yet, there’s a game out called Tree of Savior that was developed by the same guy who made RO, Hakkyu Kim. I realize that there is a Ragnarok Online 2, but TOS is considered the “true spiritual successor” to RO, precisely because of Hakkyu Kim’s involvement this time around. It’s currently free to play, and is available on Steam. Arty and I will be playing on the Orsha server pretty soon, so come join us!

Anyway, I just wanted to get things rolling on this page and hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to talk about next time.